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Zebra Area Rug

A zebra area rug offers a unique black and white striped print to give a great accent to any room, with brown stripe models sold as well.

Finding the right rug for your home can be a surprisingly important decision.  While rugs can be useful for protecting your existing flooring, they can also really add a whole new dynamic to your room.  Adding the right rug, can be a great method of completely changing the way that your home looks, for cheap.  Just think of the way that a zebra area rug could change your home for the better.  Not only do they look fantastic, they will allow you completely change your design dynamic, with little effort on your part.  All you have to do, is find the right zebra area rug for the room.

You may be surprised at the many different styles that a zebra area rug can undertake.  While they all have the same basic pattern, the way in which that design is carried out can be very different.  But as with any other type of rug purchase, before you buy a zebra area rug, you’ll want to determine the sizes that will work with your room based upon the space that you have available.  For that reason, you’ll want to map out where you would like the rug to go, and measure the area completely.  This way you know which sizes will fit, and how they will look, before you even get the rug to your house.

From there, you’ll want to pick a style, as you’ll find that zebra area rug designs can actually be quite different.  Most commonly, you’ll find that there are rectangular rugs, as well as circular.  Usually circular are ideal for large open spaces, so that they can encompass most of the room.  While rectangular are ideal for heavy traffic areas, so that they can provide plenty of protection, in addition to dressing up the look of the room.  Plus rectangular have the added advantage of coming in very long sizes, so that you can find the perfect rug to cover your entire hallway as need be.

But of course, you can even customize the color of your zebra area rug.  While the standard is always going to be black and white, you can change from the normal style, and do something much more exciting by changing the colors a little.  You’ll find that there are zebra area rug designs that feature blue instead of white, or even red, purple, sometimes pink.  This can be a great way to match the color of your rug to the room, to create a much more comfortable and playful atmosphere.  This can be especially helpful when used in a bedroom, or a game room, where you want to set the appropriate mood.

When you’re looking to buy the right zebra area rug, you’ll find that the best stores are always going to be found online.  Through websites like, you can find fantastic rugs of practically any kind so that you can really conform your choice to your room perfectly.   Whether you’re looking for a standard zebra area rug, or one that features a different color scheme, you can find exactly what you want every single time.