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Stamp Pads

Stamp pads for any rubber stamp have many custom and personalized forms, including ones with washable ink.

There are a number of uses for rubber stamps and they are a common business accessory as well as being used for arts and craft work. While there are a few different styles of rubber stamp available, the type that has been most commonly used over the years is a simple rubber face with a wooden or plastic handle. These need stamp pads for use and both rubber stamp and pads are widely available for sale.

While a rubber stamp is the item that has the text or design on it, stamp pads are the container that holds the ink needed by the rubber stamp to transfer the image to paper. They are typically a small, flat plastic box which holds an absorbent material that is saturated with ink. The rubber stamp is basically pressed on to the pad which coats it evenly with ink and then the image can be stamped on to paper.

There are a few types of stamp pads available with variations including the color of the ink with black, blue and red being the most common and also the type of absorbent material used with felt and foam being common options. They also come with a variety of inks and some of these include chalk ink, watermark ink and gel ink.

A number of stamp pads are designed to be used to completion and then replaced with some gel based ink pads being commonly used in this manner. However the majority of pads can be refilled and there are a number of small ink bottles which are sold specifically for the purpose of re-inking pads for rubber stamps.

Whether you use rubber stamps for business or arts and crafts purposes, ink pads for these can be found for sale at a variety of different outlets. Office supply stores are a good option and retailers such as Staples and Office Depot have a wide variety of pads and refill ink available for sale. The products they sell are typically aimed at the business market. Costs for these can start at around $3.50 for a pack of three foam pads in red, blue and black ink. However, in some cases a single pad can cost around $3.50 with the Cosco 2000 Plus Gel Based Pad being an example of this. This is said to be good for use around 100,000 times and is not designed for refilling.

Stamp pads can also be found for sale on the internet and companies such as The Stampin’ Place have a wide variety on offer. These are primarily aimed at the arts and crafts market, although they also have pads available for business use. Their arts and crafts pads come in a wide variety of colors and ink types with prices ranging from around $5 to $10.

If you use standard rubber stamps, then stamp pads are a necessity that you will need. They are typically affordable products to purchase and whether using business or arts and crafts stamp you should be able to find a pad that is suitable for your needs.