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Leather Shag Rug

A leather shag rug is one of the most common contemporary area rugs, with white, black, brown, red, and other colors looking great.

Buying a brand new rug can be a great way to change the dynamic of your room, in the most easy way possible.  They are essentially easy ways to completely redo a floor, and give an area of your home a completely different feel.  When you’re looking to find the most stylish option possible, you really can’t do better than adding a leather shag rug.  These are a completely unique kind of shag that combines the comfort, as well as the great look of leather in a completely new way.   Although they can be expensive, nothing will give your room a better look or feel, and every guest will appreciate the decoration.

You’ll find that there are a variety of different types of leather shag rug designs, so you’ll want to choose one that is suitable for your home.  The most important thing, is finding a size that works for the room, so you’ll want to measure the area, to see how large a rug you can accommodate.  That means planning out your decision, and visualizing exactly where your rug will be placed.  Then you want to measure the rough outline of the length and width of that area, so that you have an idea of the rugs that will work.   This way, you know which rugs will fit, and which are just too large, so that you can make a better and informed decision.

From there, you’ll want to choose a type of leather shag rug.  You’ll find that you can choose between standard black, as well as tan, and other leather shades.  Find one that’s suitable for the décor in the rest of the room, so that your rug really blends well. Plus you can choose the shape of your leather shag rug, and you’ll find that they come in both circular and rectangular cuts.  Rectangular is great for long hallways, or elongated spaces.  But circular is ideal for a living room or den, so that you can cover the area completely with a stylish comfortable rug.

Remember however, that your leather shag rug will require a  special level of care.  They will need to be professionally cleaned from time to time, and that can be expensive, but it is a necessary process.  Also, your rug can’t withstand a whole lot of foot traffic, so you will want to be careful about it’s placement, so that it is used sparingly.  Also, you will need to ensure that liquid isn’t spilled on the surface, as liquid can be very damaging to leather, and will cause discoloration, and can even influence the rug to completely dry out.

You can find a great leather shag rug by shopping online, where you should be able to find a fantastic design for cheaper than you would otherwise expect.  Through stores like and you can find fantastic options that will really dress up any home.  All you have to do is find the leather shag rug that you like the best, so that you can dress up your home in a fantastic new way.