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Foam Pads

Foam pads have many uses, ranging from memory foam mattress toppers to egg crate bedding, floor padding, and more.

Foam is a useful man made material that has been around for many years now and can be used for a number of purposes. The most common type is polyurethane foam which is generally produced in blocks and then cut to the desired shape and size. These foam pads can have a number of applications and are commonly used in the manufacture of a number of products.

There are a number of uses for which foam pads are suitable. It is typically used in the flooring industry with rebond foam being one of the most common styles of padding used below carpets. Rebond foam padding is typically produced by recycling scrap pieces of polyurethane foam to create a single solid piece. It is one of the more affordable types of carpet padding available with costs starting at around $2 per square yard. Rebond foam padding can be found for sale at most retailers that have carpets for sale and while it is suitable for laying below a full room size carpet it can also be useful of laying below rugs.

Foam pads are also typically used in the bedding industry. Foam mattress pads are commonly available for use on a bed and these come in a variety of styles and sizes. Memory foam mattresses are becoming particularly common these days and this style of foam pad molds to the contours of the person lying on it which can make resting or sleeping more comfortable. However standard foam can also be used for mattresses and whatever style of foam is used they generally come in a range of sizes to suit all bed types.

As well as full mattresses, foam pads can also be used for mattress toppers. These are suitable for use on top of a standard mattress for added comfort or can be used on their own for sleeping. As they are thinner and more compact this type of foam pad can be particularly useful for applications such as camping. Rather than resting in a sleeping bag placed directly on the ground a foam topper pad can provide a more comfortable surface on which to sleep and provide a little insulation from the cold ground.

As well as mattresses foam pads are also typically used for a range of support products. Foam pillows are an example of this and these come in a variety of styles such as anti-snore pillows, neck support pillows and back support pillows. While foam is typically used to form the seat cushion for many types of furniture, it is also possible to purchase a number of foam cushion pad products which can be placed on top of a seat for additional support and comfort.

There are many applications where foam pads can be a useful product and those shown above are some of the common uses. They come in a variety of sizes and whether for sitting on, lying on or providing support there are a range of foam products which are suitable for these purposes.