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Dining Room Table Pads

Dining room table pads offer a protective layer to your table top.

Designed to protect your dining room table, dining room table pads have been around for more than 100 years or more. So well made, pads purchased 50 years ago are still used today. They are tailor fashioned for your dining room table to shield your table from damage from heated items placed directly on the table, spills, dents, or scratches. The table in your dining room will also be defended against fading due to sunlight. These pads fold up quickly and easily for storage. A well-crafted dining room table pad will last the life of your table. Many of them will even carry a lifetime warranty, giving you the assurance that you can hold onto yours for a long while to come. Some pads outlast the life of the furniture they were purchased to protect.

Dining room table pads are not limited to use on a dining room table. You can purchase a dining room table pad for a buffet, side table, or even one to use as a dresser table pad. Any expensive piece of furniture that you’d like to protect can be fitted for a dining room table pad. Using a dining table pad to protect your furniture will put you at ease when you’re entertaining in your home. A more relaxed hostess makes for more relaxed guests. Dining pads also help avoid uncomfortable situations. Have you ever seen a guest spill something on their host’s table? It’s an awkward situation for everyone involved. Consider dining room table pads for expensive desks in your study as well. Preserve the top of your executive desk for generations to come. The beautiful piano you’d like to maintain and pass down to your children’s children?  A perfect piece of furniture to protect with a dining room table pad, you can use this as a form of piano pad.

Dining room table pads are constructed from lightweight fiberboard core impervious to extreme heat and humidity. Pads fold for storage and many companies provide a storage bag for the pads when not in use. Quality dining room table protective pads are designed to evade distortion from upright storage. The sections of the dining table pads attach to one another through the use of concealed magnets. Don’t worry about the magnets damage the table. They are covered by velour to protect your table. The surface of the protective table pad are typically designed to mimic leather or wood grain. The pad can be wiped off to clean.

When you purchase your dining room table pads, you’ll want to shop around. There are many retailers online who specialize in dining room table pads. Ohio Table Pad Company, Bergeer’s Tablepads, Tablepads Direct and Wholesale Furniture Brokers are but a few reputable companies who offer custom dining room table pads. Since the pads are custom made, expect some wait time for construction. Most companies offer free shipping.