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Custom Table Pads

Custom table pads are made as protectors for dining room tables and more.

When it comes to custom table pads, one should keep in mind that furniture is not always an inexpensive investment. If maintained, fine furniture can be handed down through generations. The trick is preserving the beauty and elegance of the furniture’s surface.

Table pads provide a layer of protection between your furniture and the potential damage at every turn. Spills, scratches, and moisture can irrevocably harm even the most well made furniture. Everyday use of tables can inflict innumerable opportunities to wound your tables.

Even an innocent candlelit dinner afford you the chance to spill hot and cold liquids on the table, cause rings on the surface from your glasses and cups, scratch the table with your plate or wristwatch, and drip hot wax onto the table’s surface. A table pad shields the surface from these damages and more. However, you want the entire surface covered.  Custom table pads ensure that every centimeter of your tabletop is completely covered and protected from all of this damage and even the fading that can occur from sunlight through the window.

Custom table pads come in a wide array of colors and finishes to mimic the natural look of your tabletop. Leather and wood grain finishes help the pad to better blend with the furniture. Customized table pads have washable surfaces so you can keep the pad’s surface clean. They are heat and moisture resistant so the custom table pad can last as long as the furniture it aims to protect.

These custom made table pads fold up for easy storage. When unfolded, personalized table pads maintain coverage through a complex system of locking magnets to keep the pad functioning as though it were an uncut unit. These magnets are hidden from view so all you see if the seemingly solid surface of the custom table pad.

The benefits of utilizing custom dining table pads and other kinds extend beyond the simple fortification of your furniture. Think of how much more relaxed your family will be while enjoying the table itself. Without the pressure of knowing they could damage the furniture at any moment, your meals will be much more relaxed. You’ll likely begin to get more use out of the furniture itself.

Custom table top protectors are not just for your dining room table. Companies that manufacture custom table pads can also create table pads for your fine office desk, dresser tops, coffee tables, and even pianos. You can order a custom table pad from a number of companies who specialize in such products. Many reputable companies with a long history of customer satisfaction are online. The Table Pad Factory, Tablepads Direct, and Custom Table Pad are just to name but a few!

Custom made table pads come with warranties and good ones are so well constructed that their craftsmanship will often outlive the actual furniture they are intended to protect. Custom table pads are more expensive than a precut one, but they are infinitely cheaper than having your table repaired after damage. Like the adage admonishes: an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.