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Changing Pad Covers

The world of changing pad covers spans far and wide, with baby diaper table padding made in disposable, organic, travel, and more forms.

Having a baby generally entails the need for a variety of equipment and during the first year or so a changing pad is used by many people. This is a convenient and comfortable place to lay an infant when cleaning them and changing their diaper. As they can easily become soiled during use many are produced with a removable cover and these changing pad covers can be both decorative and practical.

A changing pad is generally a small vinyl or foam pad that is used when changing the diaper of a baby. While some are simply a flat, rectangular pad others are produced with a contoured shape to help keep the infant from rolling off. Whichever style you use the chances are that at some time it will get soiled and therefore choosing a style that has removable changing pad covers can be a good option.

Changing pad covers are simply fabric covers that are designed to fit snugly over a changing pad. They can be produced in a range of materials with some of those commonly used including polyester, velour and cotton. The fabric typically needs to be soft and comfortable for a baby to lie on and most covers are machine washable such that they can be removed and washed when soiled before being placed back on the pad.

Many covers for changing pads feature an elasticized design such that the cover will fit a range of different styles of pads. This makes them versatile in that if you need to buy a new changing pad your existing covers will most likely be appropriate for use with this even if the exact size and shape of the pad is not the same. Most changing pad covers come in a range of patterns and designs and while practicality is the main aim of the cover, it is simple to find a pad with an attractive look.

If you have a need for changing pad covers there are a variety of outlets that have them available. Places to look can include department stores, with JC Penney being an example of this. They have a range of covers for changing pads available from manufacturers such as Carters and prices for these start at around $10 to $15. Target also has a wide variety of covers for changing pads available with prices in this store ranging from around $10 to $30.

Babies-R-Us, which is an affiliate chain of Toys-R-Us, can also be a good location to look for changing pad covers. They have examples from a few different manufacturers such as Graco and Carters, with the cost for these starting at around the $10 mark.

Changing pads can be a good item to have available when caring for a baby and they are a comfortable and easy way to change a diaper. Changing pad covers can be a practical addition to this and as they are easily removed and washed, they make the pad more hygienic for use and ensure it is comfortable for the baby each time it is used.