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Chair Floor Protectors

Chair floor protectors prevent the legs from damaging your floor with skid marks.

How can chair floor protectors benefit you and your situation?  Well, do you love your kitchen chairs, but hate the black skid marks they leave on your vinyl floors whenever someone moves them around? You so much as slide your chair back to get up from the table and you leave black streaks on the floor.

Hardwood floors are not immune to damage either. Carpet fares no better under chairs. Deep imprints form in a relatively short period of time from the weight of the chair in the carpet since chairs spend so much time in the same spot and position. Chair floor protectors are intended to shield the floor from possible damage from the legs of a chair. These straightforward and reasonably priced items will prevent scratches and dents on hardwood and vinyl flooring coverings. On carpeted floors, these simple protectors will reduce indentions and impressions from continued occupation by chairs in the same spot over time.

There are many different types of chair leg floor protectors. Many are designed to ease movement of furniture while lessening probable injury to the floors. There are slipstick feet, aimed at enabling straight leg chairs to slide across the floor while shielding the floor from scrapes. Slipsticks are constructed of plastic and screw into the base of the chair legs. These are a bit more permanent than an adhesive style of protector and are purchased in packages of eight. These floor protectors for chairs come in a variety of heights. There are also gripper pads, constructed of a more rubbery substance and come in a wide assortment of diameters and heights. They adhere to the bottom of a chair leg.

The challenges with the self-adhesive type of chair floor protectors is that the adhesive will sometimes remain on the chair leg after the protector itself has let go. The adhesive can begin spread itself along the very floor covering you sought to protect. Slipstick feet are more permanent, but that may prove to be a downside depending upon your feelings regarding permanently attaching something to the base of your chair legs. Slipstick protectors tend to be effective at diminishing marks and scratches while also lessening unwanted to movement of the furniture itself.

Floor protectors for chair legs are manufactured for all types of chair legs: kitchen chairs, dining room table chairs; living room chairs, and office chairs. Most companies generate more than one color of chair floor protectors to enable the protector to more easily blend in with the furniture itself and be less noticeable to the eye. Many companies offer warranties on the slipstick feet variety of protectors since they are designed to be a bit more enduring.

A chair floor protector can be purchased at nearly any department store such as Target or Wal-mart, as well as hardware stores. Online vendors specializing in floor protection of all types often offer chair floor protectors as well. An online search would enable you to compare styles and prices easily and shipping is nominal as the protectors themselves are slight in weight.