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Carpet Pads

Carpet pads act as great floor protectors, with felt, foam, rubber, and more padding forms to consider.

There are a few choices when it comes to the floor covering for the rooms of your home. Carpeting is a popular style that many people prefer as it provides a comfortable and warm surface underfoot as well as being an attractive option. In most cases it is recommended that carpet pads are laid below the actual carpet as these can provide a number of benefits which will ensure that you get the best use from a carpet.

Carpet pads are generally considered the foundation of a carpet and they are a separate layer of material that is laid directly below the carpet. Although laying padding is not an absolute necessity, it can provide a number of benefits and this generally means it is a good idea to use it in combination with a carpet. If you have slightly uneven flooring then padding can help to take this out such that it is not felt by those walking on the carpet. This can help to increase the comfort of the carpet for those using it.

It is also considered that good padding helps to absorb some of the wear the carpet will suffer when people are walking on it and this can help to extend its useful life. Other benefits that carpet pads have is that they provide some insulation between the carpet and the colder flooring below which will increase the comfort of the carpet. While carpets themselves have good sound reducing qualities, this is improved with padding laid below it and this can help to create a quieter environment with sound being absorbed by the carpet and padding.

While carpet pads are an additional cost in terms of laying a carpet in your home the benefits that they provide make it worth the expense. Padding should ensure that the carpet remains in good condition for a longer period of time and in the long run this can make it a cost effective option.

There are a few different styles of carpet pads available with some of those most commonly used including foam padding, rebond padding and fiber pad. Most come in a variety of thicknesses and densities and the type required will typically depend on the style of carpet. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the type of padding which is most suitable for their carpets and this is usually the best way to find an appropriate type of pad. In many cases the carpet manufacturers warranty can be dependent on the type of padding they specify being used. If this is the case it can be sensible to use the recommended type to ensure that the warranty is not invalidated as problems could occur where you may need to claim against this.

In terms of the cost of carpet padding, the factors which generally influence this include the type of material and the thickness of padding. A price of around $2 to $6 per square yard is common for most padding, although it can pay to shop around to find the best deal when you are installing a carpet.

Laying a carpet in your home can be an expensive outlay and you want to make sure that the carpet will last as long as possible. Using carpet pads is a way to extend the life of a carpet as well as making it more comfortable for use. For these reasons it can be a good option to include when using carpets in your home.