Rug pads and other non slip covers discussed

Rug Pad

The rug pad offers non slip and skid protection for area rugs and carpets, perfect for hardwood floors, tiled ones, and other surfaces.

Rug pads help keep your area rugs in place so they live in a certain spot rather than traveling all over the hard surface floor. Literally, a rug pad is simply a cushion placed underneath your rug to provide extra protection. Area rugs come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Regardless of your décor decisions, your rugs need fortification. Area rugs sustain much use over time, and because they are not immobile, they often experience weathering and need protection from the ravages of time. On a hard surface floor, area rug pads protect the floor itself from any damage due to abrasion or friction. Lastly, a rug pad reduces your risk of tripping over the area rug itself.

Another benefit of a rug pad for hardwood floors and other hard surfaces is the added cushioning and support for your feet as you walk on the rugs. We sometimes use rugs to absorb noise in a room with a hard-surface floor; padding underneath the area rugs helps to further soak up the sound.

In a room with wall to wall carpeting, carpet rug pads help reduce area rug wrinkling and traveling. Additionally, the carpet rug pad can help avoid any dye transfer between the area rug and the wall to wall carpeting. Reducing the movement of the area rug on the carpet, the rug pad averts any piling due to friction.

A rug pad can also serve to protect the wall to wall carpeting below the area rug in the case of an overturned beverage. The extra layer of cushioning provides yet another barrier to suck up the liquid before it hits the carpeting. Moreover, a non slip rug pad aids in effective vacuuming: your vacuum can move more easily over the area rug without the rug bunching up inside the vacuum itself. Furthermore, they allow for amplified air flow so that your vacuum actually works more efficiently.

Depending upon the type of area rug you have, you may want to purchase an area rug pad specific to that variety. Outdoor area rugs need rug pads with more cushioning. Specialty rugs such as Oriental rugs require Oriental rug pads particular to that type of rug. In addition to the rug pad, you may want to procure some rug pad tape, used to better position and secure the rug. Some non skid rug pads are designed so that each side bears a different texture to ensure less slithering.

When buying your rug padding, be aware of sizing. They cannot all be the precise size of the rug they’re intended to protect. Allow for a half inch boundary all the way around the rug. Consider selecting a rug pad with a warranty or one that is recommended by a consumer’s group.

Shop for non slip padding wherever area rugs are sold; department stores, specialty carpet vendors. Don’t forget online stores as well.  You’ll often find the best rug pad prices when you’re looking online.  Many of these vendors sweeten the deal some more by offering free shipping.